How we serve you at Lug Nutz DIY Auto Repair…

  • We accept used oil and other fluids.

  • We have a strut spring compressor, hydraulic press, parts washer, forged vise, and power grinder available at our “Work Corner”.

  • Well equipped “Tool Crib” for our customer to borrow specialty tools to complete their repair properly and efficiently.

  • We offer batteries, oils, and other fluids to purchase at competitive prices for your convenience.

  • We have a comfortable waiting area for those waiting on a bay to be available or to wait while your personal mechanic is fixing your car.

  • We have a break room to get free coffee or a cold drink and snack.

  • We have a mechanic on staff to answer minor questions and keep you working safely and efficiently.

  • Lug Nutz subscribes to Mitchell1, an online reference guide to all makes and models of cars.