What is Lug Nutz DIY Auto Repair?

Lug Nutz is a fully equipped DO-IT-YOURSELF auto repair facility located in Columbia, SC. We offer a safe and clean facility where you can RENT a bay equipped with a rolling tool box with a full set of professional tools, a LIFT operated by a certified mechanic, a work bench and air compression. We have 7 car/truck bays and 2 motorcycle bays. Lug Nutz has a certified mechanic on staff, not to tell you how to repair your vehicle but to make sure you FIX your car safely and efficiently. Lug Nutz also has a Tool Crib where specialty tools can be borrowed at no extra cost to complete your repairs. We have a community work area with a large work table, a heavy duty forged vise, a hydraulic press, a strut spring compressor, a wheel grinder, and a parts washer. We have a retail area where batteries, oils, and other fluids can be purchased at competitive prices. All of this for an affordable price per hour so you can SAVE money!